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Daddy'OWhat an exciting week. It seems like as soon as Zariyan turned 6 months, everything started to change.

He had a monumental week last week. He’s now really starting to crawl, he can make it across the room in under 30 seconds, which can also be a problem as yesterday we turned our backs for no more than 30 seconds while he was sitting on the bed, and sure enough crawled right over the edge and landed on his head. Ouch!

We took him on a hike in his new back-pack carrier to the top of Topanga Heights to see the view over LA, yikes, it’s something else to be packing 22 extra pounds up that mountain. 🙂

He’s been eating a lot of new solid foods, from guacamole to beans, chicken liver pate, and of course all the usual baby food. This lead to the inevitable “First Solid Poop”… ouch!

Oh, and he’s going potty on the toilet now, not every time of course, but after he get’s some of Mommy’s Milk, she usually sits him on the can for a few minutes and he instinctively knows what to do.

He just weighed in at 18.2 lbs yesterday and still 26 inches, but his thighs are getting huge!

We figure in another few weeks he’ll be able to start working part time for us as our paper shredding assistant as he always looking to chew on any paper he can get his hands on. LOL

I’ve managed to find a few spare minutes to find three great photos that show some of his great facial expressions. Enjoy!

Zariyan’s Expressions #1

Zariyan’s Expressions #2

Zariyan’s Expressions #3

Aloha ShortsBaby InversionBreast ManFavorite Shoulder


Weeks 3-5
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Pucker Up
Bed Time
What a Look
Currious MonkeyShowering with Daddy
Car SeatStanding on DaddyZ - YawningZ and Brisa

Casting Call for Baby Z

Author: Mommy

Belly Casting for PregnancyMommy

This was literally Zariyan’s first Casting!


He had no choice but to get the Part. What a “Ham”.


This was quite the production. It took a total of 1.5 hours of being STILL. He did move and you can actually see it on the Cast as it comes out like little mounds here and there.


Now he will be able to not only see, but feel how big he stretched out his mama’s belly when he was nestled inside.



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Sleepin’ On The J.O.B.

Author: Piglet

Baby PigletMy parents keep telling me that when I was little, I used to sleep all the time (hehe as if I’m not still little ;-)).


Well now I like to stay up all day long and keep them busy, they work too much and my new job with their company is to distract them from work (heheh). But it’s a lot of work and sometimes I just fall asleep, and that’s when they pull out the camera and take advantage of me by snapping off hundreds of photos. They think I’m not awake and don’t know what they’re doing…. gimme a break! Do you know how bright that thing flashes?!

Laying On Lap Laying On My Arm Sleeping Quietly
Z - Sleeping Z - Sun Bathing Z - Sleeping 2
Z - Smiling 2 Z - Sleeping 3 Z - Sleeping 4
Z - Sleeping 5 Z - Sleeping 6 Z - Sleeping 7
Z - Sleeping 8 Z - Sleeping 9 Z - Sleeping 10
Z - Sleeping 11 Z - First Shower Z - Smiling
Z - I Love U Z - Posing for Camera  

My 2nd Casting Call

Author: Piglet

Baby PigletYippee!


Wow I’m 12 days old and what a world to be born into, so much love and light. It’s as though everything I do is new… every day I look forward to a world of changing events and “My Firsts” to experience.


Let’s see… what have we done so far in these first two weeks…


* I went peepee on my pappa
* I erupted a volcano (#2) on Auntie Wyatt’s lap
* I went to Hapuna beach on day two
* I had my first shower with mom and dad
* I got my first teddy from Paw Paw (Grandma #1)
* I had my first Salsa dance lession with G-Ma (Grandma #2)


Hmmm…. what else, I know there was more…


* Oh ya, I already did my newborn screening test
* My umbilical cord was cut 24 hours after my birth (also known as a Lotus Birth)
* And the Stump has already fallen off (can’t tell if it’s an iny or an outy)


Now, I had my first “Casting Call” when I was still in LA, but that’s another story for another day. So my puppa tells me that in the first 12 days they’ve already shot 472 photos (mostly of me of course) and he’s been staying up late at night sorting through them selecting the absolute cutest ones to post to the site. He should be done in the next day or two.


In the mean time he made a special photo of me in my mommy’s hands.




Z - In Mom’s Hands

Yippee! I’ve Arrived!

Author: Piglet

Baby PigletHi Everyone! ~ Oink Oink Oink…


My name is Z and I’m here to make my grand entrance!


Z - Placenta
With the Placenta
Z - Newborn
Baby Z
Z - Alert
Alert and Awake

Born On: March 21st, 2007
Time: 6:52 AM (Big Island, Hawaii)
Weight: 6.10 lbs
Hight: 20.5″ (45.1 cm)

Stay tuned, there’s more to come…


Pig PenDaddy'OI think I read somewhere that parents tend to have this natural instinct to want to make changes and improvements to their home before the baby comes.


Well I remember reading it in my book (The Cave-Man’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy), and thinking, oh no that won’t be me…


HA~! I was mistaken. We just painted our room and started to redecorate the pig pen so that our little oinker will feel comfortable and cozy.


Aside from the paint job, I guess we did some other remodeling of the house but that was more for the office. We managed to “Hard Wire” the entire facility which means full speed Internet in almost every room of the house. Yipee!


Oh and if you’re wondering how we picked the colors for the room, well I jokingly said, “Why not make them the same as the web site…”, and what do you know, mommy thought it was such a great idea we picked up the paint that day and PRESTO, we have purple and green walls.

Painting The Pig Pen


Daddy'O… I say “Beyond the Matrix”…


So in a fast pased world where you are surounded by electronics, screens and gagetries… what will the children of the future be capable of? For those who don’t know about my Super Learning techiques, I can almost guarantee this little piglet is going to have a few new tricks to teach ol’daddy.


Most of you aren’t able to hang around at the office with us on a day-to-day basis, so I thought I’d take a quick photo to show you what we look at when we wake up and just before we go to sleep.


At the Office


You’ll notice that our little one will be surrounded by other little piggies everwhere he/she goes.


On that note, I’m off to catch a few quick winks, as they tell me they’ll be my last. hahahah


Oink! Piglet’s Mommy here,

So before you decide what your answers are for the Baby Pool, we thought we would help you out by giving you some the latest stats that might help you make better decisions. The team here gets to see us everyday so we want to make this pool as equal as possible.


Yoga Mommy

Here are the stats from our first visit to the our wonderful Doc Dwight, to our latest visit on Tuesday, February 13th.


First Visit: October 2nd, 2006


* 116 LBS


PIGLET at 16 weeks
* 160 Heart Rate (beats per minute)
* Ultrasound should 4 days larger than average


Latest Visit: February 13th, 2007


* 128 LBS
* Waist measurement : 36 inches (Before Piglet, it was 24 inches)


PIGLET at 34 weeks
* 145 Heart Rate
* Weight based on Ultrasounds measurements : 2,200 Grams or 4.84 lbs


For those of you who need to visually see what Piglet looks like, we’ve included a few photos to help you get an idea of just how big I’m carrying and of course the Yoga Tree Pose with hands in Prayer Position is dedicate to Aunty Megster for teaching us that we can balance anywhere and anytime in life.

Mommy - Front Mommy - Profile Mommy - Back

Okaaaay. . . . Now you all have equal chance of winning the Pool. Have FUN and we will keep you posted as the time draws near.


Oink and Out!
Mommy Porky