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Baby Z’s Photo Reel (First 2 Weeks)

Z - Sleeping Z - Sun Bathing Z - Sleeping 2
Z - Smiling 2 Z - Sleeping 3 Z - Sleeping 4
Z - Sleeping 5 Z - Sleeping 6 Z - Sleeping 7
Z - Sleeping 8 Z - Sleeping 9 Z - Sleeping 10
Z - Sleeping 11 Z - First Shower Z - Smiling
Z - I Love U Z - Posing for Camera  

5 Responses to “Baby Z’s Photo Reel (First 2 Weeks)”

  1. Auntie DW Says:

    Okay – I SEE NOTHING DIFFERENT – A MAN SLEEPING!!! What’s with that???….please tell me it’s going to change – SOON!!!

    Yes they are all cute – they still think so when they get married…HELP ME!!! Let’s see some pictures of Baby Z in action !!! (yes Mom & Dad…lets’ see how we can make this work!!!)…

    Okay – there’ll be lots of sleeping moments – heck I STILL HAVE THEM…but it’s different…wait – maybe it’s not…


  2. Grandma Teresa Says:

    How about more news bwt Z-peeg – more photos pleeeeeze!

  3. Con-Man Says:

    Do you want some of my clothes? I got lots for ya! Can’t wait to play with you in July. Please ask your mommy and daddy to post some new pictures SOON!!!

  4. Z Dawg Says:

    Hey Con-Man!

    Cool. . . I could always use more clothes. I am growing out of the ones I have waaay to fast. My Mama and Papa keep tellin’ me to slow down. Can’t help it. . . gotta live up to my Piglet name!

    Yeah, can’t wait to meet you too. I hear that you are really knockin’ them out up there. Gotta learn some tricks from you, CON-MAN! “Squeeel”.

  5. Baby Z Says:

    Okay Aunties and G-Mas,

    I kept at Mummy and Daddy to get those pics up and they finally DID!

    They have been so busy catching up, but thank goodness they continued to take pics and videos.

    Mama bought a cool camera so she likes to use it as often as possible so that one day we can all sit and watch ME, the HAM!