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Sleepin’ On The J.O.B.

Author: Piglet

Baby PigletMy parents keep telling me that when I was little, I used to sleep all the time (hehe as if I’m not still little ;-)).


Well now I like to stay up all day long and keep them busy, they work too much and my new job with their company is to distract them from work (heheh). But it’s a lot of work and sometimes I just fall asleep, and that’s when they pull out the camera and take advantage of me by snapping off hundreds of photos. They think I’m not awake and don’t know what they’re doing…. gimme a break! Do you know how bright that thing flashes?!

Laying On Lap Laying On My Arm Sleeping Quietly

This audio clip was recorded when Zariyan was only 3 hours old. He’s telling us the journey of how he was born into this world.

PS. Listen for the little snort of the piglet at the end. He’s already living up to the name.

Z - Sleeping Z - Sun Bathing Z - Sleeping 2
Z - Smiling 2 Z - Sleeping 3 Z - Sleeping 4
Z - Sleeping 5 Z - Sleeping 6 Z - Sleeping 7
Z - Sleeping 8 Z - Sleeping 9 Z - Sleeping 10
Z - Sleeping 11 Z - First Shower Z - Smiling
Z - I Love U Z - Posing for Camera  

My 2nd Casting Call

Author: Piglet

Baby PigletYippee!


Wow I’m 12 days old and what a world to be born into, so much love and light. It’s as though everything I do is new… every day I look forward to a world of changing events and “My Firsts” to experience.


Let’s see… what have we done so far in these first two weeks…


* I went peepee on my pappa
* I erupted a volcano (#2) on Auntie Wyatt’s lap
* I went to Hapuna beach on day two
* I had my first shower with mom and dad
* I got my first teddy from Paw Paw (Grandma #1)
* I had my first Salsa dance lession with G-Ma (Grandma #2)


Hmmm…. what else, I know there was more…


* Oh ya, I already did my newborn screening test
* My umbilical cord was cut 24 hours after my birth (also known as a Lotus Birth)
* And the Stump has already fallen off (can’t tell if it’s an iny or an outy)


Now, I had my first “Casting Call” when I was still in LA, but that’s another story for another day. So my puppa tells me that in the first 12 days they’ve already shot 472 photos (mostly of me of course) and he’s been staying up late at night sorting through them selecting the absolute cutest ones to post to the site. He should be done in the next day or two.


In the mean time he made a special photo of me in my mommy’s hands.




Z - In Mom’s Hands

Baby PigletHeheheh ; – )


Okay many of you know be as “Baby Z”, and for those local boyz from Hawaii you can call me “Z Dog”. But seriously, my name is Zorro!


ZorroThat’s right, just like the man with the black mask and the big horse who would ride around carving a Z into everything, what was his name… Alejandro Murrieta played by Antonio Banderas.


My parrents told me it’s a Ukrainian name that means “Rising Star”, which is of course what I’ll be when I grow up.


Giggles & Winks
Babby Z


Just kiddin’… April Fools!