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We’re Here!

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Wow, it’s been months since we posted. No wonder you keep asking us for more pictures. Sorry, been so busy trying to keep up with the piglet growing up and still feeling like we have missed so much. To make up for this we have Launched www.Zariyan.TV
Yes, if you sign up, we will give you private access to Video clips of Z!

He is walking and talking up a storm. He just turned 11 months, yeah you heard me right, 11 Months young! One more month and it will be his 1st Birthday.

We certainly wish it all wouldn’t go by so quickly. It’s been so difficult to transition having a nanny around 6 days a week. We feel like we have missed so much as every time we turn around he has learned something new. We miss yesterday!

He is almost 23 pounds, has 7 teeth with another 5 pushing hard to show themselves. He still does an awesome Downward Facing Dog combined with the Crab Walk. Getting fustrated that we don’t understand him all the time.

I have to tell you, he teases people! I toys with all of us and has a good laugh as he plays.

He still loves to EAT! Especially what we are eating. I am proud to say that he loves curry and spicy foods, sashimi, fruits fresh and dried, veggies, breads, cookies, veggies, fingers, toes,.  . . .He IS a Piggy! And let me add that these are not pureed. Oh the big thing lately is Mandarin and Navel oranges, peel and all!

Okay, enough of my bragging. . . can’t help it. Thank you for bearing with me, but I never thought I could love a being this much.

What till you see our next website starring “Z”.

You have to register so that we can give you authorization to enter.

Until next time. . .hopefully very soon!


Hello all!

Thank you so much for your patience as we attempt to keep up with these updates.

Piglet is now exactly 7 months and 7 days old.  He is 27.5 inches tall, and 18.5 pounds.  Yup. . . time flies.  (can you see my booboo face?)

He began crawling on his belly a week before his 6 month birthday, his first tooth came out the day after he turned 6 months as well as his first poopy on the toilet.   It just seemed like 6 months was a major turning point.

We celebrated by getting him his first Transformer, Softomus Prime and Bumble Bee.  They are awesome stuffed toys that actually transform.

We have been going to Mommy and Baby Yoga.  This has been awesome as Piglet just loves to crawl to everyone else’s matt to check out the other kids and their toys.  What a social piggy he is becoming.

On his 7th month birthday, to our surprise his 2nd tooth broke through, he began pulling himself up and attempting to climb up onto the bed, so we had to start shopping for a new bed for him.  We celebrated by getting him a fun play outfit.  (Pictures will be posted later)

In the past few days, he has been crawling up high on all fours, and doing a great “Downward Facing Dog” (for those of you who are yoginis), so we do believe that it won’t be long until he is walking.  Today we went on a wonderful picnic with the babies that were birthed from our Hypnobirthing Class.  They were all so beautiful.  The Moms all look fabulous as the Dads looked so proud.  We ended the day with our 3.2 mile power walk as Daddy surf it on his “Wave” board, Brisa proudly protecting Z.   Went for dinner and Z got his very first Gelato Cone from the owner of the Gelato shop.  Now he’s into Ice creams and Sorbets.. . .yikes.. . like his Mummy.

Here are a few photos just taken by one of our team on Friday.  He’s a wonderful photographer and he picked out the ones that really shows you the different expressions of Zariyan.


I can’t tell you how awesome each day is.  I thought life was pretty darn good before, but now it’s just awesome as we learn so much from Baby Z.  Everyday is a new lesson and mind blowing experience.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Quick Update

Author: Mommy

MommyHello dear family and friends.

Finally we are posting after a long break.

Zariyan is changing so fast that no two weeks are the same in his scheduling, so hence it affects our schedules.

He is 5 1/2 months young now. Last weighed he was 16lb 6oz and 26 inches tall.

He is such a little “minkey”, of course a little piggy too. He started rolling over about 6 weeks ago, he is sitting up straighter and straighter every day. He is very strong! Not much baby fat on him at all. Drooling everywhere. Those teeth are making great attempts to break through in the past month. We can feel all the bumps on his gums. Not much longer before they come through.

He loves his milk still. He started eating Baby pureed veggies 5 weeks ago, but loves his fruits in whole pieces. I just have to cautious when he gnaws off a large piece.

He has out grown his Stroller Bed so we had altered it to a seat. Now he can sit up and watch his big sister Brisa walking beside him. He loves when we go for a walk as there is so much to see. We took him through the farmer’s market for the first time in a stroller. He is so used to being slung on my hip that he would only last an hour and a half in his seat.

We left him for the first time with one of his best friends whom works on our team. He did pretty good, but there are a few adjustments we have to make before leaving him again.

This heat wave here has been a bit challenging because we need to be up early to walk or later in the evening. Not just heat, but humidity too. Baby Z already runs hot so he is covered in perspiration all day.

We are told that he is a very good boy overall. I don’t comment as I am bias to the situation. Too me he is such a joy to have around. Of course it is challenging running a business at the same time, but we make due as I would not miss this time in his life for anything. It is going by so fast and we are trying to cherish every moment with him.

Love to you all, and will make sure I post more often now that we have had this site upgraded it’s easier for me to post.

Thank You to Everyone!

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MommyHello our dear family and friends,


You must have thought that we went missing in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. . . almost!


Greetings from the Z Clan! By now most of you know that his name is Zariyan and NOT Zoro. .. .that was just an April Fools Joke, but we realized that individuals didn’t read the whole post.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your wonderful gifts of good wishes, blessings, and Baby supplies. We promise to acknowledge your generosity one by one as we make time in between all that is happening. I have also begun returning calls at the same time so thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Also, our apologies for not posting for so long, especially from me. It’s been quite the experience balancing Zariyan, the Company, and Life in general.


I gotta tell you. . . Life is GREAT with Baby Z. He has been such a wonderful blessing to us all. So patient while we work. Sleeps very well. Eats extremely well, but what did we expect, he IS a PIGLET!


He is now 8 1/2 weeks old, over 10 pounds and getting taller by the day. Last week he just started to learn how to smile and laugh at least once a day. Trying desperately to talk, but it still comes out as a soft cry. Oh, he is also very, very stubborn (hmmm, wonder who he takes after?). Knows what he wants and will forge forward to get it too.


Is he spoiled yet? Of course. . . what do you expect. So many people around him, playing with him, giving him so much attention. Everyone from friends, our team, our vendors at the market. We are so blessed.


We are finally posting new photos!!! We are also posting answers to some of your comments, so check it all out.


Love to you all. We miss you and hope to see you or meet up with you very soon!


Casting Call for Baby Z

Author: Mommy

Belly Casting for PregnancyMommy

This was literally Zariyan’s first Casting!


He had no choice but to get the Part. What a “Ham”.


This was quite the production. It took a total of 1.5 hours of being STILL. He did move and you can actually see it on the Cast as it comes out like little mounds here and there.


Now he will be able to not only see, but feel how big he stretched out his mama’s belly when he was nestled inside.



 <== Click to Engarge Photo


MommyOkay all you thoughtful individuals who have been concerned with why I haven’t posted anything on DIAPERS on the Gift Registery!


Well it’s taken us some time to research what we may want to use for the little Piglet.


So far it comes down to the following:


These are the newest, and coolest disposable Diapers on the market. They are Biodegrable and flushable, not saying that I will be flushing them of course.
Yippy! Finally a disposable diaper that is better on for this planet.
They are available online at, and in some local stores, but you would need to check the site for locations. They also have the coolest Diaper covers too!


Then for home use:


We did look into the only diaper service in town. (there is a funny popup that tries to install itself if you go here, just say no)
There is an account set up under my name. . . my real name of course.


I hope this is correct as my trusted assistant did so much of the research and contacting!


Thank you again to those whom are sharing their wonderful advice, experience, and knowledge to this new adventure!


Oink! Piglet’s Mommy here,

So before you decide what your answers are for the Baby Pool, we thought we would help you out by giving you some the latest stats that might help you make better decisions. The team here gets to see us everyday so we want to make this pool as equal as possible.


Yoga Mommy

Here are the stats from our first visit to the our wonderful Doc Dwight, to our latest visit on Tuesday, February 13th.


First Visit: October 2nd, 2006


* 116 LBS


PIGLET at 16 weeks
* 160 Heart Rate (beats per minute)
* Ultrasound should 4 days larger than average


Latest Visit: February 13th, 2007


* 128 LBS
* Waist measurement : 36 inches (Before Piglet, it was 24 inches)


PIGLET at 34 weeks
* 145 Heart Rate
* Weight based on Ultrasounds measurements : 2,200 Grams or 4.84 lbs


For those of you who need to visually see what Piglet looks like, we’ve included a few photos to help you get an idea of just how big I’m carrying and of course the Yoga Tree Pose with hands in Prayer Position is dedicate to Aunty Megster for teaching us that we can balance anywhere and anytime in life.

Mommy - Front Mommy - Profile Mommy - Back

Okaaaay. . . . Now you all have equal chance of winning the Pool. Have FUN and we will keep you posted as the time draws near.


Oink and Out!
Mommy Porky