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Gift Registry – Diapers!

MommyOkay all you thoughtful individuals who have been concerned with why I haven’t posted anything on DIAPERS on the Gift Registery!


Well it’s taken us some time to research what we may want to use for the little Piglet.


So far it comes down to the following:


These are the newest, and coolest disposable Diapers on the market. They are Biodegrable and flushable, not saying that I will be flushing them of course.
Yippy! Finally a disposable diaper that is better on for this planet.
They are available online at, and in some local stores, but you would need to check the site for locations. They also have the coolest Diaper covers too!


Then for home use:


We did look into the only diaper service in town. (there is a funny popup that tries to install itself if you go here, just say no)
There is an account set up under my name. . . my real name of course.


I hope this is correct as my trusted assistant did so much of the research and contacting!


Thank you again to those whom are sharing their wonderful advice, experience, and knowledge to this new adventure!

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  1. Kelli McKee Says:


    Thank you for the thumbs up on gDiapers! I was such a big fan of the product (no more diaper pail! no more diaper rash! hooray!) that I came to work for the company. I always get excited when I stumble upon other moms who are just learning about gDiapers, I honestly never imagined I’d be so thrilled to talk diapers. But I am! So, please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call, 1.866.553.5874, or send me an email,

    Best wishes to you and your family!

    Kelli McKee
    “diaper counselor to the eco-savvy”

  2. iris Says:

    what about wipes? any good biodegradable wipes? like avalon? or have u found anything?

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