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Archive for February, 2008

We’re Here!

Author: Mommy

Wow, it’s been months since we posted. No wonder you keep asking us for more pictures. Sorry, been so busy trying to keep up with the piglet growing up and still feeling like we have missed so much. To make up for this we have Launched www.Zariyan.TV
Yes, if you sign up, we will give you private access to Video clips of Z!

He is walking and talking up a storm. He just turned 11 months, yeah you heard me right, 11 Months young! One more month and it will be his 1st Birthday.

We certainly wish it all wouldn’t go by so quickly. It’s been so difficult to transition having a nanny around 6 days a week. We feel like we have missed so much as every time we turn around he has learned something new. We miss yesterday!

He is almost 23 pounds, has 7 teeth with another 5 pushing hard to show themselves. He still does an awesome Downward Facing Dog combined with the Crab Walk. Getting fustrated that we don’t understand him all the time.

I have to tell you, he teases people! I toys with all of us and has a good laugh as he plays.

He still loves to EAT! Especially what we are eating. I am proud to say that he loves curry and spicy foods, sashimi, fruits fresh and dried, veggies, breads, cookies, veggies, fingers, toes,.  . . .He IS a Piggy! And let me add that these are not pureed. Oh the big thing lately is Mandarin and Navel oranges, peel and all!

Okay, enough of my bragging. . . can’t help it. Thank you for bearing with me, but I never thought I could love a being this much.

What till you see our next website starring “Z”.

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Until next time. . .hopefully very soon!

I’m Almost 1!

Author: Mommy

Oink, Oink, Everyone!

I’m doing this thing they call “walking”. It’s a lotta fun but I end up on my bum now and then.
Mummy says you can check ME out on MY TV site! I love watching myself on that. I make myself laugh . . .a lot!
I love to climb, especially on this wall that Daddy and I built. It has these rocks he and I put on it, and it’s 8 feet high. We put my favorit magnets up on the top rocks and I have to climb up to get them. . . yippy, what fun!
I kinda move to fast sometimes and my feet slip off the rocks, but I haaaang on real tight with my hands, they are getting really big and strong! heheheee.
I hope to see you all on my first Birthday coming soon!
Buup ba.