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My New BugaBoo

Author: Dad

Bugaboo StrollerDaddy'OYou gotta be kiddin’ me… it took me 4 hours to test out every stroller in the store, pull them all appart, put them back together and discuss them with all the other mommy customers that just happened to walk by at that opportune moment when our sales staff was checking inventory on colors and stock availability.


Then we wait 6 weeks for our Yellow, Blue and Orange stroller to arrive. Of course we had to go with the Moon mobile (AKA the “BugaBoo Camelian”). Nothing else would do for little pigglet.


So today it finally arrived and would you believe it, another 3 hours to assemble the darn thing. I just hope I can improve on that time to get it in and out of thar car. hehehe.



Pig PenDaddy'OI think I read somewhere that parents tend to have this natural instinct to want to make changes and improvements to their home before the baby comes.


Well I remember reading it in my book (The Cave-Man’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy), and thinking, oh no that won’t be me…


HA~! I was mistaken. We just painted our room and started to redecorate the pig pen so that our little oinker will feel comfortable and cozy.


Aside from the paint job, I guess we did some other remodeling of the house but that was more for the office. We managed to “Hard Wire” the entire facility which means full speed Internet in almost every room of the house. Yipee!


Oh and if you’re wondering how we picked the colors for the room, well I jokingly said, “Why not make them the same as the web site…”, and what do you know, mommy thought it was such a great idea we picked up the paint that day and PRESTO, we have purple and green walls.

Painting The Pig Pen


Daddy'O… I say “Beyond the Matrix”…


So in a fast pased world where you are surounded by electronics, screens and gagetries… what will the children of the future be capable of? For those who don’t know about my Super Learning techiques, I can almost guarantee this little piglet is going to have a few new tricks to teach ol’daddy.


Most of you aren’t able to hang around at the office with us on a day-to-day basis, so I thought I’d take a quick photo to show you what we look at when we wake up and just before we go to sleep.


At the Office


You’ll notice that our little one will be surrounded by other little piggies everwhere he/she goes.


On that note, I’m off to catch a few quick winks, as they tell me they’ll be my last. hahahah