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“The future is in the hands of our children.”

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Renovating the Pig Pen

Pig PenDaddy'OI think I read somewhere that parents tend to have this natural instinct to want to make changes and improvements to their home before the baby comes.


Well I remember reading it in my book (The Cave-Man’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy), and thinking, oh no that won’t be me…


HA~! I was mistaken. We just painted our room and started to redecorate the pig pen so that our little oinker will feel comfortable and cozy.


Aside from the paint job, I guess we did some other remodeling of the house but that was more for the office. We managed to “Hard Wire” the entire facility which means full speed Internet in almost every room of the house. Yipee!


Oh and if you’re wondering how we picked the colors for the room, well I jokingly said, “Why not make them the same as the web site…”, and what do you know, mommy thought it was such a great idea we picked up the paint that day and PRESTO, we have purple and green walls.

Painting The Pig Pen

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