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My New BugaBoo

Bugaboo StrollerDaddy'OYou gotta be kiddin’ me… it took me 4 hours to test out every stroller in the store, pull them all appart, put them back together and discuss them with all the other mommy customers that just happened to walk by at that opportune moment when our sales staff was checking inventory on colors and stock availability.


Then we wait 6 weeks for our Yellow, Blue and Orange stroller to arrive. Of course we had to go with the Moon mobile (AKA the “BugaBoo Camelian”). Nothing else would do for little pigglet.


So today it finally arrived and would you believe it, another 3 hours to assemble the darn thing. I just hope I can improve on that time to get it in and out of thar car. hehehe.


2 Responses to “My New BugaBoo”

  1. iris Says:

    the baby is not here yet? aw darn

    i did hear great things about the bugaboo.. its very easy to use one handed and very “all terrain friendly” my friend has two.. altho she only has one child.. however she no longer uses it because she says it is really bulky and heavy and it unfolds in two parts? πŸ˜•

  2. Mommy Says:

    Now that we have used this Buggaboo, we love it.
    Yes, it’s not as convenient as other strollers, etc., but very sturdy. We love the fact that it has the bed for infant to 6 months, then the seat for older.

    We use the Bed in our office daily and travelling. This is great as it is safe and better for their posture. Individuals tend to leave their kids in the bassinets far too long as they are so convenient.

    Yes, it is a bit heavier. yes you do have to dismantle into two parts but we just feel that there is no rush. We have learned that with a baby, everything will come in good time.