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STATISTICS: A Visit to the Doctor

Oink! Piglet’s Mommy here,

So before you decide what your answers are for the Baby Pool, we thought we would help you out by giving you some the latest stats that might help you make better decisions. The team here gets to see us everyday so we want to make this pool as equal as possible.


Yoga Mommy

Here are the stats from our first visit to the our wonderful Doc Dwight, to our latest visit on Tuesday, February 13th.


First Visit: October 2nd, 2006


* 116 LBS


PIGLET at 16 weeks
* 160 Heart Rate (beats per minute)
* Ultrasound should 4 days larger than average


Latest Visit: February 13th, 2007


* 128 LBS
* Waist measurement : 36 inches (Before Piglet, it was 24 inches)


PIGLET at 34 weeks
* 145 Heart Rate
* Weight based on Ultrasounds measurements : 2,200 Grams or 4.84 lbs


For those of you who need to visually see what Piglet looks like, we’ve included a few photos to help you get an idea of just how big I’m carrying and of course the Yoga Tree Pose with hands in Prayer Position is dedicate to Aunty Megster for teaching us that we can balance anywhere and anytime in life.

Mommy - Front Mommy - Profile Mommy - Back

Okaaaay. . . . Now you all have equal chance of winning the Pool. Have FUN and we will keep you posted as the time draws near.


Oink and Out!
Mommy Porky

No Responses to “STATISTICS: A Visit to the Doctor”

  1. Aunty Megster Says:

    And what a beautiful “full” tree She Is!!

  2. Judy Rosdal Says:

    Congrats…on your newest addition…

    He is gorgeous….what a cutie….Glad to hear that he is doing well….
    He has quite the head of hair….not like you Daddy….you were bald…I remember…hehe…

    Welll …I am still waiting for my grandchild to enter this world…he/she was due on the 2nd…but nothing yet….Jess and Les…are getting anxious…as are the rest of us….but….oh…welll…baby comes when baby is ready…..
    Love all your pictures…and the web site is Awesome…as usual…Daddy…you did welll on both accounts….with that cute baby and the web site….
    And Mommy….you look awesome….in the pic’s of when you were pregnant…..your son…looks alot like his mom….

    Both of you …Enjoy…he will grow up …fast…

    All the best to you and your new family…

    Your Aunt Judy…