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Baby Registry – Let the Fun Begin…

Daddy'OOkay, okay, okay… It’s Dad here with a quick update. Where should I start….? Am I ready for a baby? Uhh too late for that question…


Call me crazy but when work is play and play is work, why not create an entire web site dedicated to your unborn child. 😉


The other day we went shopping for baby stuff and I can sum it in three words… “OUT OF CONTROL”. Yikes! And something tells me we ain’t even started yet. There’s a voice in the back of my head that keeps whispering “20+ years” over and over again.


So we did two stores in two days for a total of 13 hours of non-stop baby shopping (and I got my education while we were at it.)


Mommy and I wanted to keep everything low key, but because our staff and friends keep getting at us to setup a baby registry it was necessary.


This is by no means manditory, but if you are one of those who would like to contribute in some way, please head on over to one of the two locations (web sites) where we have setup our Registry. – Click here to View – Click here to View


Now, we spent many hours talking with experienced mothers and sales people to make the choices around Brands, Styles, and even Colors on nearly every single product, so although the above stores are not necessarily the only place you can find these products, if you do want to go price shopping either locally or online, please be sure to find a correct match to the one in our Registry. Thanks 🙂 …heaven forbid we end up with a blue diaper bag instead of the red one… but seriously… we are both very creative parents when it comes to colors and styles it likely took some negotiating on one side or the other to come to our decisions.


… and if anyone has any questions about Baby Monitors… I spent about an hour goin over every single feature of about 11 different brand names and 17 types so I’m now considered an expert on the subject. I even spent some time helping other moms in the store to choose one that was right for their house pending on the size, number of rooms and how many people in their family.


In case you don’t buy the item from either of the Registry stores / sites, can you please come back to this post and simply make a comment letting us (and more importantly everyone else) know which product(s) you have purchased so we can cross them off the registry. Thanks.


Also, this means you will need to click on the comments link just below this post and to the right to check what someone else might have already purchased before your shopping finger gets too happy.




1) Click the “READ COMMENTS” link. Then insert your NAME and e-mail address on top of COMMENT so we know who got what (your email won’t be published publicly).


2) Describe the items you purchased in as much detail as necessary. Then, click on SUBMIT COMMENT.


*Once you click on SUBMIT COMMENT, you cannot go back and change your answers!*


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