Golden Piglet

“The future is in the hands of our children.”

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Quick Update

MommyHello dear family and friends.

Finally we are posting after a long break.

Zariyan is changing so fast that no two weeks are the same in his scheduling, so hence it affects our schedules.

He is 5 1/2 months young now. Last weighed he was 16lb 6oz and 26 inches tall.

He is such a little “minkey”, of course a little piggy too. He started rolling over about 6 weeks ago, he is sitting up straighter and straighter every day. He is very strong! Not much baby fat on him at all. Drooling everywhere. Those teeth are making great attempts to break through in the past month. We can feel all the bumps on his gums. Not much longer before they come through.

He loves his milk still. He started eating Baby pureed veggies 5 weeks ago, but loves his fruits in whole pieces. I just have to cautious when he gnaws off a large piece.

He has out grown his Stroller Bed so we had altered it to a seat. Now he can sit up and watch his big sister Brisa walking beside him. He loves when we go for a walk as there is so much to see. We took him through the farmer’s market for the first time in a stroller. He is so used to being slung on my hip that he would only last an hour and a half in his seat.

We left him for the first time with one of his best friends whom works on our team. He did pretty good, but there are a few adjustments we have to make before leaving him again.

This heat wave here has been a bit challenging because we need to be up early to walk or later in the evening. Not just heat, but humidity too. Baby Z already runs hot so he is covered in perspiration all day.

We are told that he is a very good boy overall. I don’t comment as I am bias to the situation. Too me he is such a joy to have around. Of course it is challenging running a business at the same time, but we make due as I would not miss this time in his life for anything. It is going by so fast and we are trying to cherish every moment with him.

Love to you all, and will make sure I post more often now that we have had this site upgraded it’s easier for me to post.

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