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One Small Step For… One Giant Fall For Z!

Daddy'OWhat an exciting week. It seems like as soon as Zariyan turned 6 months, everything started to change.

He had a monumental week last week. He’s now really starting to crawl, he can make it across the room in under 30 seconds, which can also be a problem as yesterday we turned our backs for no more than 30 seconds while he was sitting on the bed, and sure enough crawled right over the edge and landed on his head. Ouch!

We took him on a hike in his new back-pack carrier to the top of Topanga Heights to see the view over LA, yikes, it’s something else to be packing 22 extra pounds up that mountain. 🙂

He’s been eating a lot of new solid foods, from guacamole to beans, chicken liver pate, and of course all the usual baby food. This lead to the inevitable “First Solid Poop”… ouch!

Oh, and he’s going potty on the toilet now, not every time of course, but after he get’s some of Mommy’s Milk, she usually sits him on the can for a few minutes and he instinctively knows what to do.

He just weighed in at 18.2 lbs yesterday and still 26 inches, but his thighs are getting huge!

We figure in another few weeks he’ll be able to start working part time for us as our paper shredding assistant as he always looking to chew on any paper he can get his hands on. LOL

I’ve managed to find a few spare minutes to find three great photos that show some of his great facial expressions. Enjoy!

Zariyan’s Expressions #1

Zariyan’s Expressions #2

Zariyan’s Expressions #3

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