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Okay… Okay… So you want to know my name!

Baby PigletHeheheh ; – )


Okay many of you know be as “Baby Z”, and for those local boyz from Hawaii you can call me “Z Dog”. But seriously, my name is Zorro!


ZorroThat’s right, just like the man with the black mask and the big horse who would ride around carving a Z into everything, what was his name… Alejandro Murrieta played by Antonio Banderas.


My parrents told me it’s a Ukrainian name that means “Rising Star”, which is of course what I’ll be when I grow up.


Giggles & Winks
Babby Z


Just kiddin’… April Fools!

2 Responses to “Okay… Okay… So you want to know my name!”

  1. iris Says:

    still curious.. is z a boy or a girl? hmm

  2. Dad Says:

    It’s a boy! Hope we’re not dressing him too mich like a girl… LOL πŸ˜‰