Golden Piglet

“The future is in the hands of our children.”

Special Note

This site does not mention the names of the parents for various reasons, please follow along and refrain from using their names in your comments. Thank you kindly.


GoogleManOK! It must be the summer weather, for we FINALLY figured out who the winner is…and BOY (and do I mean BOY!) was it close! One of the things that the father enjoys are statistics, so let me break it down (for him)…

# of entries: 16 (total prize pool of $160)

gender: 4 entries selected BOY

weight: 6lbs. 10oz. (Grandma Souza guessed the exact weight!)

height: 52cm (Uncle Scotty guessed the closest height of 49cm)

eyes: Majority chose the color BROWN (but on some days, Zariyan’s
eyes are Olive Green)

D.O.B: 3 entries selected the EXACT date of March 21, 2007

time: 6:52am (Madoka was the closest entry with 6:43am!)

looks: This question is still up in the air so it was void

hair: Majority chose YES (that there would be hair)
When the final tabulations were counted, Madoka was the outright winner with 5 winning entries!

Congratulations to Madoka and for everyone who participated and I look forward to the next baby pool!



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