Golden Piglet

“The future is in the hands of our children.”

Special Note

This site does not mention the names of the parents for various reasons, please follow along and refrain from using their names in your comments. Thank you kindly.


Piglet ReadingOk, I’m back with several instrustions…

First of all, since there will be many participants all over the world that are wanting to enter this FIRST EVER baby pool for CSM and SS, I am setting up a PayPal account that will hold the pool money ($$) for the duration until the contest is over (uh, that’s when she delivers her baby piglet of course).

; – )

Place Your Bet Above then Make Payment Here:

OPTION 1: – Use this PayPal Button and follow the instructions.
1) Fill in Payment For as “Golden Piglet Pool”
2) Fill in Price as $10
3) Put in your Paypal email / password (or use a credit card)

OPTION 2: First you must log into:
(if you do not have an account, please register for one, it’s easy to signup and best of all, it’s FREE!) Once you are logged into your PayPal account follow these simple instructions. (hey, if Piglet can do it, so can you.)


Also, the deadline is March 9th – whenever the piggy pops out, so please please please get your entries in as soon as possible. My next post entry will have the terms and questions!

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